New Line Doing Brom’s Plucker

New Line Cinema has optioned “The Plucker,” an illustrated novel by acclaimed artist Brom reports Variety.

Published in 2005 by Harry Abrams, “The Plucker” revolves around a toy jack-in-the-box that awakens beneath its owner’s bed and realizes it has been relegated to a place where undesired playthings go to die. There, he discovers the Plucker, a malevolent spirit from a mysterious new toy that has evil designs on the young owner of the toys.

Brom, who began his career as a commercial illustrator of novels, role-playing games, videogames (“World of Warcraft”) and such films as “Sleepy Hollow” and “Van Helsing,” made “The Plucker” his first illustrated gothic tale.

The studio is looking for a director, whilst actor Channing Tatum will likely take a producer credit.