New Knight Rider Gets Rebooted

NBC will reboot “Knight Rider” yet again as the critically-panned new incarnation fails to bring in viewers.

Despite the unanimously woeful reviews, the mini-series remake of the classic 1982 show early in the year was successful enough to green light a weekly series. That show premiered in September with only a modest audience of around 10 million, and over the subsequent six episodes the show has lost half its audience.

Yet three weeks ago NBC gave the series a full season order of 22 episodes, leading many to ask the simple question – why? Well now its been revealed.

According to Reuters actors Bruce Davison, Sydney Tamiia Poitier and Yancey Arias did not see their contracts renewed for the ‘back nine’ episodes and in fact a mid-season two-parter will retool the series which aims to bring the show back in line with the original series.

Showrunner Gary Scott Thompson says “We’re moving away from the terrorist-of-the-week formula and closer to the original, making it a show about a man and his car going out and helping more regular people, everymen.”

That, along with cost-cutting, means the show will go on with only five regulars – Mike (Justin Bruening), Sarah (Deanna Russo), Billy (Paul Campbell), Zoe (Smith Cho) and of course the car itself – KITT (voiced by Val Kilmer).