New “Hitman” Game & Film Coming

With the recent release of the first trailer for a new entry in the “Hitman” video game franchise, now comes word that the new game and a new “Hitman” movie are both set to share more than a 2012 release date says The Hollywood Reporter.

Square Enix and IO Interactive are behind “Hitman: Absolution”, the fifth game in the series which follows master assassin Agent 47 who takes on his most dangerous contract to date. Betrayed and now hunted, he finds himself at the center of a dark conspiracy. Most of the action takes place in the United States unlike previous installments.

It is the first in the series to use performance capture, done at the same studios used for James Cameron’s “Avatar”. The likes of Keith Carradine (“Deadwood”) and Marsha Thomason (“White Collar”) have been cast as the villain and Agent 47’s handler respectively.

The new game is darker, more stylised, features a lot more key characters, and places more emphasis on the emotions of said characters. IO Interactive director Tore Blystad says “The hope is that the movie will be going in a similar direction, and then when they both come out they will speak the same language. They won’t follow the old Hitman games, but rather go with this newer direction.”

Producer Adrian Askarieh says their goal with the film is to bring “the grit and texture and the character-driven context” of the game to the screen – retaining its look and feel, but telling an original story with new characters. Daniel Casey (“Jimmy Six”) penned the script for the film which will be produced by Chuck Gordon and Fox International.