New “Hellraiser” TV Series In The Works

New Hellraiser Tv Series In The Works

Producers Roy Lee (“IT”) and Dan Farah (“Ready Player One”) are set to spearhead a TV series adaptation of the iconic horror franchise “Hellraiser”.

The pair have joined forces with rights holders Lawrence Kuppin, David Salzman and Eric Gardner and the plan is to use the mythology established in both the movie franchise and the Clive Barker novella “The Hellbound Heart” source material as a launch pad for a new series.

It’s presently unclear if the series will be an anthology or a more traditional narrative, that will probably be determined after they set a writer-showrunner. Once that’s happened, they’ll lock in a network or streamer.

The franchise revolves around a strange puzzle box which acts as a portal to hell and can unleash gruesome beings called Cenobites. It spawned ten films, the first considered one of the greats, but Spyglass owns the film rights and they have nothing to do with the new series.

“Batman Begins” writer David S. Goyer remains on board to produce and pen the script for a film reboot of the property.

Source: Deadline