New “Helix” Season 2 Promo Arrives

Syfy’s Arctic-set, pandemic-themed, sci-fi/horror series “Helix” became infamous last year for it’s sheer craziness. Character and plot curveballs were thrown fast left and right to the point that it didn’t make a whole lot of sense – especially towards the end.

The network has now released a new trailer for the show’s second season which moves the action to a mysterious tropical island where a science-based cult is falling victim to a disease which Dr. Alan Farragut (Billy Campbell) and his team investigates.

Steven Weber looks to be essentially taking on the Hiroyuki Sanada role this time of the scientist in charge of the isolated locale who isn’t letting on as to the extent of his involvement.

How the Ilaria group and the events of the finale tie into this is unknown at this point, but Julia (Kyra Zagorsky), Sarah (Jordan Hayes) and Peter (Neil Napier) are all returning. The Season 2 premiere goes to air on January 16th.