New “Hansel & Gretel” TV Series Details

Filmmaker Tommy Wirkola, the director of the Jeremy Renner and Gemma Arterton-led “Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters,” has confirmed that he is currently working on a follow-up that won’t be a sequel or prequel as previously reported, rather it will be a TV series.

The first film grossed over $226 million worldwide which led to a sequel being drafted titled “Hansel and Gretel: Death’s Messengers”. However the tentative release date came and went without any progress, and rumors sprung up of its cancellation in favour of a cable sequel series.

That rumor has now been confirmed by Wirkola himself who hopes it will begin production soon. He tells Bloody Disgusting:

“The film [sequel] is pretty much dead … we’re developing it into a TV show with Paramount and MGM, who are the studios who financed it, so Mark Verheiden is writing the pilot as of now.

Mark, of course, is a big writer, lastly he did Daredevil and Evil Dead and as of now, he’s writing a pilot right now, and we’re hoping to take it out to networks in the near future … I will be involved in that whole process, and I will direct the pilot, so I think it’s very exciting, it’s an idea that really suits television.”

Understandably new casting will take place for the series which plans to keep the R-rating tone and push even further than the movie, along with expanding the world that Hansel and Gretel inhabit to introduce more fairy tale creatures and monsters into the mix:

Wirkola is still currently working on the superhero comic adaptation “Irredeemable” so no word as to when the series would begin production.