New “Halloween” Trailer Reveals Key Details

Universal held its CinemaCon presentation today and a full description of the “Halloween” trailer that was screened is up at io9. The clip reveals that what sets things off is someone making a documentary about a murderer – Michael Myers. They visit Myers in an institute and show him the mask to try and provoke a reaction.

Cut to the granddaughter of Laurie Strode explaining her grandmother has long been traumatized by the incident and that, despite rumors, Michael is not her brother. Jamie Lee Curtis then appears as Laurie who has been preparing in case Michael ever returned – she’s trained up, has plenty of guns and has built her house full of secret passages and booby traps with one goal – when he eventually does escape she can kill him.

He does of course, and the trailer shows various incidents (set to Carpenter’s theme). One is a girl in a toilet stall thinking a creep is trying to get in her cubicle, only for Michael to shower her with teeth from a man he just killed next door. Another scene has a babysitter trying to close the closet door of the young boy she’s minding – only for Myers to pop out and grab her throat. The outlet describes the tone like this:

“What we gleaned from the trailer, as well as the presentation itself, is that this Halloween is going to be really scary. It uses modern tropes, like the true crime documentary, to tell a modern story of a woman who has been scared for forty years. A woman who had the worst night ever and since then has been dreading, but preparing, for it to happen again. And it does.”

It’s hoped the new trailer will go online in the next few weeks. An apparent report from a test screening went up the other week, but was quickly shot down when John Carpenter revealed not only had they not tested the film, but the film’s rough cut has not yet been finished. Carpenter consulted on the film and is doing the score.

Curtis herself showed up on stage to present the clip, at the same time jokingly apologising for 1999’s “Virus” and saying that only the “Star Wars” and “Halloween” franchises could still have the same actors appearing in the same franchise forty years later.

The new “Halloween” opens October 19th.