New “Guardians” Posters, Yondu’s Missing Fin

Originally the Marvel character Yondu was not going to appear in James Gunn’s “Guardians of the Galaxy”. However, Gunn managed to work a small appearance in and got his old friend Michael Rooker (“The Walking Dead”) to take on the role.

One distinct change though is the giant red fin the character sports on his head – Rooker’s character is missing this signature character trait. Gunn posted a teaser photo of the character a few hours ago:

Following that he was asked about the missing fin. He replied:

“Rooker is my friend, but he is clumsy and I don’t want him knocking his head off walking through doorways. I’m in a surreal situation where the biggest disappointment expressed by some fans over the comics-to-movie translation is that Michael Rooker doesn’t have a flamboyant and flowing three foot red fin atop his head. He does have a fin and it is very awesome it’s just very short. I could have done a lot of things but I helped to design the way he looks because I like it better and believe it.”

Also today, several new UK character posters from the film have gone online: