New “Green Lantern” Footage, Details

After a Comic Con panel that fizzled back in July and a rushed out first trailer that even the studio has apologised for, Warner Bros. Pictures has used this weekend’s WonderCon as the launching pad for its “Green Lantern” marketing campaign to try and turn the tide of indifference and skepticism about the project around. The good news is the move seems to have worked.

Along with a snazzy new poster, ten minutes of new footage from the feature was screened – the same reel played to exhibitors and press earlier this week at CinemaCon. The reel showed off various key scenes including a glimpse at Parallax and quite a bit of footage on Oa with lots of other Green Lanterns thrown into the mix. Almost half of that footage, approximately four minutes worth, has gone online and can be watch below or in full high-definition at Apple Trailers.

With the recent announcement of a “Justice League” movie, many wondered if Ryan Reynolds would be playing Hal Jordan/Green Lantern in that feature. The actor indicated to The Los Angeles Times that there won’t be a crossover – “That’s a whole business model and nothing to do with me at all. No one has ever approached me about doing a ‘Justice League’ movie.” He will return for further “Green Lantern” films though should they get the green light.

Producer Donald DeLine also gave an interview to Collider and spoke about the costume and the reasoning behind going fully CG with it – “Our concept is that the costume is created out of the green energy of will, just like the ring is powered by the green energy of will just like the central battery on the planet Oa is completely comprised of green energy. So the suit is green energy, and we didn’t want it to be a spandex suit that he hangs in his closet and puts on. When he wills the ring to become the Green Lantern, and he can do that through the willpower to create this suit and go into his powers, green energy from the inside out creates this suit. And he is, when he’s brought to Oa for the first time, they map his body, he’s the first human being to be a green lantern. So they don’t really know what he’s made of, so we have this really cool sequence where they dissect and scan Hal Jordan and the ring creates this suit for the first time for a human being.”

He adds that 25-30% of the film takes place on Oa, they haven’t made their final decision on the voice of Kilowog yet though have “very seriously” talked to Michael Clarke Duncan, and 25 fully animated “key Lantern” characters will be seen throughout the picture.