New “God of War” To Be One Unbroken Shot

It has been hinted at in the footage so far, but now it has been confirmed – the upcoming “God of War” game reboot isn’t just doing away with the line between gameplay & cinematics, it’s doing away with editing altogether.

Eurogamer reports that the new game from Santa Monica Studio, from start to finish, will effectively be one single unbroken shot – no camera cuts.

Players will enter this post-“God of War III” world, which is inspired by Norse mythology, from an over-the-shoulder view point anchored by Kratos’ presence. When the action changes to cinematics, the camera will move around the action rather than cut to a more movie-esque edited scene. Game director Corey Barlog discussed the challenge with the outlet:

“The aspiration when I got back was to tell a much more personal story. God of War is traditionally known for these cinematic, pull back cameras, which I think are fantastic. But trying to get in there and really get to know the character a little more, I realized it’d be interesting if we got closer.

The vocabulary of film is camera cuts, it’s how they communicate. But games are different. We don’t really need to do that. We do it because it’s a language that we’re familiar with. It’s hard to not do it, I’m realizing that now, but it’s a challenge that I really wanted to take on. I’d been looking for a project that I could do this on and I felt like this was the one. There was big resistance, but I have probably one of the best teams in the business, so as much as they were pushing back, I think they all kind of wanted this crazy challenge.”

While trailers and gameplay footage previously released has been edited in a way that includes camera cuts, that won’t be the case in the final game. “God of War” will be released on PlayStation 4 in early 2018.