New Gigs For “The Raid,” “Whale Rider” Helmers

“The Raid” director Gareth Evans has set the period thriller “Apostle” as his next project which he’ll write and helm for XYZ Films, Severn Screen and One More One Productions. Production aims to kick off in March

The story follows a man who travels to a remote island and attempts to rescue his sister after she’s kidnapped by a religious cult. The group demands a ransom for the sister’s return, undermining the man’s resolve to rescue her.

Meanwhile “Whale Rider” helmer Niki Caro has been set to direct “Exposure” for eOne. Hayley Schore & Roshan Sethi penned the script which tells the story of scientist Rosalind Franklin, and her critical role in the discovery of DNA’s double-helix structure in 1953.

She was an expert at crystallography and took the first photos that eventually led Watson to figure out the structure of the DNA. She never got the credit she deserved and died of cancer in 1958 while they got the Nobel Prize in 1962.

Sources: Variety & Deadline