New “Game of Thrones” S7 Casting Breakdown

The seventh season of HBO’s big-budget fantasy saga “Game of Thrones” is currently in production and today an apparent casting breakdown has leaked which give fans an idea of some of the new minor characters coming to Westeros and beyond over next year’s shortened seven episode run.

With the show once again going beyond the books, here’s the complete breakdown of the new faces that will appear. The listing, which premiered on fansite Watchers On The Wall, contains descriptions only with character names kept under wraps. Joining the cast this year are:

General: Aged 40-55
He’s a senior military officer, and they’re looking for a white actor who uses the British RP accent. The actor is needed for the week of September 6th.

Warrior: Aged 35-45
A tough-looking bruiser with the attack skills of a pit bull, and the actor needs to be great at fighting. He has a ‘considerable’ amount of dialogue and is an ‘excellent part for a top-end actor’. The role is currently scheduled to shoot across October.

Priest: Aged 60s
A venerable priest with moral authority and gravitas. White actor with an RP accent and a characterful face. He’ll shoot just one week, from September 22nd.

Gate Guard: Aged 20’s
A confident, characterful, straight-talking Northern lad with a great face to play across a very excellent series of scenes.” Wit and charisma is paramount with filming to take place between mid-October and mid-November.

City Guard: Aged 30’s
A city guard who intercepts a suspicious-looking person on his nightly patrol. An RP accent required and the role will shoot for a week in mid-October.

Merchant: Aged 40’s
character actor sought for a merchant who appears at an inn during a busy evening. His appearance could be of any ethnicity/race. The role will shoot the first week of November.

Lovely Lady
An attractive young courtesan who is sure of her own mind. The role is a “good speaking part” but full nudity is required. Ethnicity is open and she’s scheduled to shoot for one week in early October.

Young Lord: Aged 20s
A tall, handsome young lord to be played by a white actor who uses the RP accent. He’s scheduled to shoot in the week commencing September 20th.

Lieutenant: Aged 20s
An athletic, physically fit, and disciplined warrior. Not white actor from Middle Eastern descent. He’s set to shoot several days across three weeks, between mid-September and mid-November.

Most of the production will be based in Northern Ireland, with additional portions to be filmed in Spain and Iceland ahead of a summer 2017 debut.