New “Fury Road” Pics, Junkie XL Talk

Back when George Miller’s “Mad Max: Fury Road” was in production, it was said the film was essentially one giant chase sequence – essentially a second act done as a whole film. Turns out, that’s quite accurate.

In a new interview with Collider, the film’s composer Junkie XL spoke about the first time he met the director about scoring the movie when the film was essentially a rough cut:

“At that point, the movie had no beginning, and it had no ending. The first and last acts weren’t there, the second act was there, and that was three hours.”

Even though it was far from finished, he says the film was still visually striking:

“The reason why it looks beautiful is that he built very, very massive scenes, so when you see five hundred guys in a shot, there are five hundred guys in a shot. I think they were [shooting in Africa] with nine hundred and fifty people filming. It was unheard of… there’s not a lot of CGI in there.”

A couple of new promo photos from the film are also out today, courtesy of Total Film magazine. You can see those shots below: