New “Flash” & “Arrow” Hints, “Hawkgirl” Talk

The CW’s joined DC TV Universe is ready to get even busier it would seem and some new revelations about what to expect in the year ahead have emerged.

First up, new story details regarding the second season of “The Flash” have gone online thanks to various leaked casting calls and audition tapes. The most prominent bit of news is that an older superhero will become a key cast member across multiple episodes.

Auditions have been underway for a character going by the codename ‘John Clark’ in auditions. The role is for a man in his 30s or 40s who refers to Barry as ‘kid’. This character has issues controlling his powers and envies Barry’s ability to do so. He knows Barry’s secret identity and has an alliance with team Flash.

Another new character next season is Detective West’s new partner, the character of Patty Spivot who is Barry’s love interest in The New 52 comics. Will she end up that way in the series? We’ll see.

Onto the fourth season of “Arrow” and little has been known beyond both the mysterious organization H.I.V.E. and its leader Damien Darhk serving as the main antagonists of the season.

In a Facebook Q&A last week, star Stephen Amell said he’s read the script for the fourth season premiere and said his jaw dropped twice at what happened in it: “It legitimately did. I emailed Marc Guggenheim directly after reading the season four premiere with three or four very pointed questions. Which he answered…mostly.”

He also was asked to summarise the episode in three words, he responded: “What’s wrong Speedy?”. Amell has also confirmed that the gap between last season and the current one will be in real time, with the action picking up several months after events in the season finale.

Meanwhile, recurring guest star John Barrowman confirmed over the weekend (via that he’s finalised his deal to return as Malcolm Merlyn for the fourth season with shooting to begin in July.

That’s not all though as Spoiler TV is posting a rumor today that The CW has begun very early development of a “Hawkgirl” TV series starring Ciara Renee who plays the character in the upcoming spin-off series “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow”.

Source: Comic Book