New “Fear the Walking Dead” Details

We know the cast, we know it has a six-episode first season run, and we know that events within the series take place early in the outbreak. Beyond that though, details on AMC’s upcoming spin-off series “Fear the Walking Dead” are decidedly sparse.

Dave Erickson, the show runner for the new series, has now given a lengthy interview to The Live Feed where he’s revealed more details about the new show, the possibility of crossovers with “The Walking Dead,” and the ultimate plans for the series.

Calling the show a “parallel story [rather] than a prequel,” the first season will essentially take place during the month-long period where Rick Grimes was in a coma and does “tie very specifically into the pilot of the original.” It also means that people in this world aren’t used to ‘walkers’ yet or resigned to the hopeless survivalist life that Rick and his people have long adjusted to.

The spin-off is set on the East Side of L.A. at first, with landmarks not coming in until later on. There will NOT be any reveal regarding what caused the outbreak, rather the focus is on a family dynamic and how this zombie apocalypse has only exacerbated their internal conflict.

There’s no current plans for crossovers with the main show, and Erickson’s experience working on “Sons of Anarchy” means that he’s used to writing on a show where the idea is that no-one is safe and could die at any time.

Long term wise they’re aiming for around five to six seasons with hopefully around thirteen episodes each from the second onwards.