New “Elm Street” Pitches Being Taken

New Elm Street Pitches Being Taken

The estate of late filmmaker Wes Craven is reportedly actively taking pitches for a new take on Craven’s own 1984 cinematic horror classic “A Nightmare on Elm Street” reports Bloody Disgusting.

The estate reportedly acquired U.S. rights to the film two months prior to the open season for pitches and the estate is apparently interested in not just feature film pitches but also ones for a potential HBO Max series.

SpectreVision founds and producers Elijah Wood and Daniel Noah recently expressed interest in having a go at the property with the help of their “Daniel Isn’t Real” filmmaker Adam Egypt Mortimer.

The iconic original followed a group of teenagers whose dreams are invaded by the monstrous spirit of a slain child murderer, Freddy, who seeks revenge against the teens’ parents who were responsible for his death.

The film yielded five direct sequels followed by an acclaimed meta reimagining with “New Nightmare,” the team-up feature “Freddy vs. Jason,” a generally derided 2010 film remake, and a two-season TV anthology series.