New Dune Film In The Works

Frank Herbert’s “Dune” novels remain amongst the most impossible literature properties to translate onto the screen, but that won’t stop people from trying.

C.H.U.D. reports that Byron Merritt, the adminstrator of the official Dune novel forums and a member of the Herbert family, says that after months of ongoing negotiations, things are coming to a head for a new feature film version of the property.

Back in May he said they were “still in negotiations with the studio reps/lawyers. The contract lengths are enough to make one ill…We’re getting VERY close to a deal. Heard that news today…we’ve had on-going negotiations for over two years.”

He followed that up with this posting last Friday: “We’re getting VERY close to a deal. Heard that news today. I’ve heard that “someone” at the studio wants Dune reallllly bad and has been a fan of the novel for “years.” They’re not saying who this is (and it might just be hype) but I’m holding out hope that whoever this might be is a big enough fan that he/she will do the book justice. Supposedly it’s some director.”

The property has been twice adapted before – 1984’s David Lynch-directed big budget feature film which was a famous nightmare behind the scenes and butchered the source material, or 2000’s Sci-Fi Channel mini-series which was much more accurate to the books but suffered from generally flat reviews and budgeting issues.