New “Dracula” Ties Into Universal Monsters?

It seems this weekend’s “Dracula Untold” may not be the standalone project it was once thought, rather it serves as a mini-prologue to Universal’s proposed cinematic universe boasting a mashup of its classic monsters range.


“Dracula Untold” includes a coda set in the modern day involving Luke Evans’ Dracula character and the vampire character (turned more human like) played by Charles Dance both hanging around a market on the streets of a major city.


According to Badass Digest, reshoots were conducted a few months ago to include this very scene. While the upcoming “Mummy” reboot will be the first official film of the initiative, this ‘Untold’ coda sets the whole thing off.

It’s also discardable enough that if the film is a failure, Universal can opt instead to make it retroactively standalone and go forward with another take on Dracula.

Roberto Orci and Chris Morgan are producing the new films