New “Doctor Who” Promo Art, Trailer

The BBC have unleashed a new trailer along with the first promo art for the upcoming seventh season of “Doctor Who”. The art is from the first episode “Asylum of the Daleks” which has The Doctor encountering the different variations of Daleks he’s battled over the years.

It looks like at least some of the classic series versions like the original Skaro grey, the imperial white, and the war machine version from ‘Rememberance’ will appear alongside the reboot series versions including the Eccleston/Tennant-era gold and the Smith-era multi-colored take.

No air date has yet been announced though it’s expected to premiere sometime in late September. Five episodes of the new season will air featuring the final journeys of companions Amy and Rory.

After ‘Asylum’ comes the self explanatory “Dinosaurs on a Spaceship”, the Spain-shot western “A Town Called Mercy”, the UNIT-heavy “Cubed”, and the untitled final episode with the Pond’s that is set in 1930’s New York and involves the Weeping Angels.

Then this year’s Christmas special will introduce the new companion who will join the Doctor for the remaining eight episodes of the season which go to air early next year.