New Details On The “Gotham” Pilot?

Apparent plot details have emerged for Fox’s new pre-Batman Gotham City-themed series “Gotham” via an apparent leaked copy of the ‘Second Network Draft’ of the first episode’s script.

io9 got their hands on this supposed draft and reviewed it, in the process revealing information about some key characters who will appear.

The first episode sees Gordon and Bullock investigating the murder of young Bruce Wayne’s parents. What at first appears to be a common mugging turns out to be something more when unspecified details emerge. As previously reported, Bruce Wayne will be between 10 and 12 years old in the series.

Bullock is portrayed as a “charming slacker” while Gordon comes off “excessively naive” to the point of “looking like a moron”. Ultimately though he begins to realize the harsh realities of his dangerous city by the end.

The draft is said to be “filled with way too much exposition and explanation of who these characters are in the Batman universe,” essentially cramming in clumsy portents such as Oswald Cobblepot (Robin L. Taylor) being referred to as resembling a penguin every single time he’s on screen. There’s also various 1930s gangster lingo incorporated into the series.

Selena Kyle’s Catwoman is here, though she’s only 14 years old and already engaging in a life of crime. The Riddler is here, at this point in time a coroner at the Gotham City Police Department. There’s also a young girl named Ivy “who lives with dysfunctional parents and has a number of houseplants.”