New Details On “Scream” TV Series

Casting has begun on MTV’s series adaptation of the Wes Craven horror franchise “Scream,” and today new details about it have emerged via a leaked casting call.

Jill E. Blotevogel (“Ravenswood,” “Harper’s Island”) penned the pilot in which a viral Youtube video triggers a murder that brings a town’s troubled past to the surface. There are four main characters:

Harper Duval
A 16-year-old beauty who is in with the popular crowd, though is a bit too introverted and smart to truly be one of them. She regrets drifting away from former best friend Audrey.

Audrey Jesen
Harper’s former friend, daughter of a Lutheran pastor, she’s an artsy loner who is bi-curious and dreams of being a filmmaker.

Noah Foster
Audrey’s closest friend, a tech genius with an encyclopedic knowledge of movies, TV, books and apps. He’s the show’s comic relief.

Margaret “Maggie” Duval
Harper’s mother and the town’s medical examiner whose husband abandoned her and her daughter. A “grown-up science geek who plays down her beauty,” she also has a dark secret from her past.

Source: TV Line