New Details On NBC’s “Timeless” Wrap-Up

New Details On Nbcs Timeless Wrap Up

Overcoming the odds and returning from cancellation after its first season, NBC’s time travel drama “Timeless” made it to a second season and was then cancelled again despite its small but devoted fanbase. Then came the announcement that the network decided to greenlight two more episodes to wrap the story.

Speaking with Collider recently, executive producer Eric Kripke offered updates on how the work is progressing, saying filming takes place mid-October with second season showrunner Arika Mittman doing much of the heavy lifting. They also said while they were originally going to make it a double-length telemovie finale, they opted instead to do it in the form of two separate episodes:

“It’s basically the equivalent of two episodes. As a matter of fact, we tried, at one point, to do one long historical period to last over two hours, and then eventually, Arika wisely said, ‘Why are we doing this? Why don’t we just do what we always do, which is spend an hour in two different time periods?’ And so, though they’re connected and though it’s one long mythology story that plays over both, they really are, in effect, two time periods of Timeless that they visit, and we’ll shoot each one. We shot 8-day episodes, and this will be a 16-day shoot. It will be exactly like two more episodes of the show.”

Kripke also spoke about what to expect in the episodes, saying it will serve as a closing chapter but will leave the door open to more down the line if they choose:

“There’s a certain amount of shocking turns, and we tried to let it build to something and provide a certain amount of closure, and give you a sense of where these characters go. We tried to put a period at the end of the sentence, but not so much that the door isn’t open for further adventures, down the road.

Anything is possible. I’m really proud of that show. These are some scary times, and I think that show is a force of positivity, and inclusion and diversity, in a world that, frankly, desperately needs it. I’m really proud of the message of that show. I’m proud of its heart. And everyone else who works on it feels the same. I think we’d be happy to find a way to continue that story.”

Kripke adds that the series finales of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and “The Shield” he’s using as guideposts for how they’re crafting the “Timeless” finale which is expected to air at the end of the year.