New Details On NBC’s “Constantine”

New details have emerged about the upcoming pilot episode of NBC’s “Constantine” TV series. STYD has done a breakdown of the pilot’s script and revealed some key new bits of information. Amongst the facts garnered:

The pilot starts with Constantine having checked out of a six-month self-imposed stint in a psychiatric institution following his witnessing of a nine-year-old girl having her soul taken to hell by a demon.

The first season’s primary villain Papa Midnite will be Cuban, not Jamaican, and does a lot of cocaine in order to stay awake because he can “dream the future”.

Constantine teams with Liv Parsons, a woman whose father was friends with Constantine and whom John owes a debt. Something nefarious is also after her.

Manny is an angel assigned to Constantine to “ease his soul into damnation” – confirming a backstory akin to that of the comics.

The supernatural element is in full force in the pilot with demons, ghosts and other fantastical elements. As for the tone, the reviewer says the script has a “major ‘Sleepy Hollow’ vibe”.