New Details On HBO’s Standalone Service

Everyone’s been waiting, and now some new details about HBO’s proposed standalone subscription service have emerged over at International Business Times. A report on the site claims the service, dubbed ‘HBO Now’, is aiming to launch next month in time for the fifth season premiere of “Game of Thrones”.

HBO Now will allow consumers to subscribe to HBO directly for the first time without being saddled with a cable contract or channel bundle. The price is expected (but not confirmed) to be the same as ordering HBO the regular way – ie. $15 a month.

The pay cable network is also reportedly in talks with Apple to make Apple TV one of its launch partners, meaning people might be able to subscribe to it with just a few clicks in the same way Apple TV offers Netflix and Hulu Plus accounts at present. They’re also said to be in talks with Google, which means the service could be coming to the Chromecast as well says Bloomberg.

HBO however is remaining quiet about the news so far, so this is all unconfirmed at this point.