New Details On Dolan’s “Matt and Max”

Currently putting the finishing touches on his first English-language feature “The Death and Life of John F. Donovon,” prolific French-Canadian auteur Xavier Dolan has lined up his next project – a Quebec-set intimate family drama titled “Matt & Max”.

Dolan will play Max and his regular muse Anne Dorval will play his mother, just like in Dolan’s first film “I Killed My Mother”. The French-language drama will focus on a group of friends in their late twenties and was heavily inspired by the recent surge of acclaimed queer dramas like “Call Me by Your Name,” “God’s Own Country” and the upcoming “Boy Erased”.

He says the central aim of the story deals with two adult male best friends who fall in love but who had never previously realized they could have a preference for men. Dolan says: “I want to talk about true friendship and true love…[and] to talk about homosexuality and how we live with it, how we see it, how we label it, how we organize it as a society”.

Dolan wanted to do it with ‘Donovan’ but that project evolved into something different: “more of a homage to the family dramas of the nineties rather than a profound reflection on what it is to be gay.” Kit Harington, Jacob Tremblay, Natalie Portman, Susan Sarandon, Kathy Bates and Jessica Chastain star in ‘Donovan’ about the secret correspondence between a Hollywood TV actor and a young fan.

One big difference between ‘Max’ and his previous work is he intends to write from a truly adult point of view as opposed to his previous films which focused on post-adolescent and young adult characters. He also says the film will have the ‘energy and spirit’ of “Mommy,” and the aesthetics of “Tom at the Farm”. The script was reportedly finalized earlier this month, and Dolan plans to shoot the film in the Fall.

Source: THR