New Details On “Black Lightning” Series

The CW’s DC superhero series have a strong diversity ethic with multiple African-American and Latino actors and actresses playing key regular roles across their four shows.

With “Black Lighting,” a new fifth series joining that batch, the ‘Arrow-verse’ finally gets a series revolving around not just an African-American actor in the lead role, but also a middle-aged man as opposed to the fresh young faces of the other shows.

Only a pilot has been ordered by the network at this stage, and today a casting description of the four biggest roles in the potential series has emerged.

In the series Jefferson Pierce (Black Lighting), is a former Olympic decathlete turned school principal and retired vigilante. He remains a metahuman who has the ability to control EM fields around his body – giving him limited flight abilities, stunning and even killing capabilities. The description says the producers are seeking an “Idris Elba type”.

Pierce also has two daughters – medical student Anissa (aka Thunder) and scholar athlete Jennifer (aka Lightning). The former is a member of the Outsiders, the latter has been recruited by the Justice Society of America.

The fourth key character is Lynn, Jefferson’s ex-wife who is confident, smart, flirtatious, mischievous and beautiful.

Source: Screen Rant