New Details On “Archer: Danger Island”

Some of the key cast and crew of FX’s “Archer” were on hand at New York Comic Con over the weekend to talk about “Archer: Danger Island,” the upcoming ninth season of the animated comedy series.

One key change is tone which will be decidedly lighter than last season’s often too serious ‘film noir’ style with “Archer: Dreamland”. In the new episodes, the team is stranded together on the titular ‘Danger Island’ – a remote beach locale in the South Pacific in the spring of 1939.

Arguably the biggest difference, unlike themed seasons past, is that the actors are all playing completely different characters. Lucky Yates for example is no longer playing Dr. Krieger, rather he’s a parrot named Crackers.

Archer will be a seaplane pilot with one eyepatch, Pam is his gorgeous co-pilot and “super-hot this season” says Aisha Tyler, Lana is a princess on the island, Mallory is a bar owner (and still Sterling’s mom), Cheryl is a honeymooner, and Cyril is an undercover British spy.

The series seems to be heading towards its natural conclusion with its tenth season in 2019, which has given rise to the obvious question – a possible movie? Writer Casey Willis says: “Anything can happen. We just need to talk to the right people at FX…I hear Harvey Weinstein might not be doing anything.”

Source: Slashfilm