New Details About Abandoned “Gore” Film

New Details About Abandoned Gore Film

As the scandal broke about the numerous sexual assault allegations against actor Kevin Spacey last year, the projects he had been involved in had to scramble. “House of Cards” was retooled to work around his absence, “All the Money in the World” replaced him with another actor, and “Billionaire Boys Club” was quietly dumped to VOD.

That left the fate of only one uncertain – Michael Hoffman’s Gore Vidal biopic “Gore” at Netflix. Filming had just wrapped three weeks prior when the story broke and everything surrounding the project went quiet and has been radio silent for a year now.

That changed today in a new report from Buzzfeed News who say the streamer has essentially taken a $39 million loss due to this and Spacey’s ‘Cards’ exit with the film seemingly unsalvageable. “Gore” deals with the aftermath of Vidal’s failed 1982 Senate run and takes refuge in his Italian villa with several friends including Leonard Bernstein (Griffin Dunne), Rudolf Nureyev (Nikolai Kinski), and Gore’s longtime companion Howard Austen (Michael Stuhlbarg). In the process, he falls into severe drunken depression.

The complication is that in the wake of the reports, one of the subplots becomes too on the nose. In it Spacey’s emotionally unstable Vidal is tricked into meeting a young, straight and involved twentysomething writer named Jamie (played by Douglas Booth) who is a fan of Vidal’s work. Vidal subsequently mentors and then attempts to seduce him into the idea of sex between older & younger men, including a scene in which two trans prostitutes come to the villa, and another in which a fall down drunk Gore assaults Jamie in a pool.

As the site reports the tone of the scenes reportedly fit in line with Vidal’s writings and style, but with Spacey in the role they take on a darker and more serious context. As of now, “Gore” has effectively become one of those infamous ‘lost movies’ that never see the light of the day.