New Dates: Ouija 2, Rangers, Ultra, Egypt

Universal Pictures is moving forward with its horror sequel “Ouija 2” with the supernatural thriller set to get a follow-up on October 21st 2016. The micro-budget original was released last Halloween and pulled in $100 million in worldwide grosses.

That isn’t the only release date announcement today. Lionsgate has announced several major changes to its upcoming slate of films, most notably delaying their reboot of the “Power Rangers” franchise by six months to a January 13th 2017 release date.

They’ve also slotted in the Kristen Stewart and Jesse Eisenberg-led indie action-comedy “American Ultra” for an August 21st 2015 release, moving their previously planned film for that date – “Criminal” – to January 22nd.

They’ve also moved back “Gods of Egypt” by two months to April 8th 2016, and locked down a July 15th 2016 release date for the Ryan Gosling-Emma Stone musical “La La Land”.