New Dates: “Kong,” “Wall,” “Panda,” “Gallows”

Legendary’s “King Kong” prequel/spin-off/reboot or whatever it is, “Skull Island,” has scored both a new title and release date. The Tom Hiddleston-led project follows a team of explorers who venture deep inside the treacherous, primordial island that Kong calls home. The film is now going by the name “Kong: Skull Island” and has been pushed back four months from November 4th 2016 to March 10th 2017.

To take over the hole left by Skull’s departure, Legendary has slotted in its untitled film about China’s Great Wall for a November 23rd 2016 release. Zhang Yimou will helm the historical action meets supernatural feature.

Fox has pushed back the third “Kung Fu Panda” movie by three months, getting it out the line of fire created by “Star Wars: Episode VII”. The Dreamworks Animation-produced sequel will open March 18th 2016.

New Line has moved up the horror project “Gallows” by three months, with the movie now slated to open July 10th next year. The Blumhouse-produced microbudget project was previously titled “Superstition”.

New dates include Warners scheduling Boaz Yakin’s family feature “Max” for an August 21st 2015 release, whilst the thriller “The Loft” has been given a January 23rd 2015 release date.

There’s also been a couple of very small delays with “Pan” being delayed a week to July 24th next year, “The Lazarus Effect” going back a week to February 27th next year, and the Fox film “Paper Towns” being moved up two weeks to a June 5th release next year.

Source: Box-Office Mojo