New Dark Knight Trailer, Posters

As “I Am Legend” hits theatres today, the publicity train for Batman Begins sequel “The Dark Knight” finally moves from clever but ultimately trivial online games and into actual cinema theatre promotions.

Whilst those of us not near an IMAX theatre (including myself) are stuck without getting a chance to view the six minute prologue, we do have a trailer coming in full high-definition on Sunday at

In the meantime however a camcorded version has leaked online which you can view below hopefully (no doubt it’ll get pulled quickly so it might be gone by the time you read this). Looks deliciously intense and shows off Heath’s Joker turn quite well.

Also today three new teaser posters have premiered, all vast improvement on the cryptically lacklustre first domestic one-sheet. The fourth one in particular, whilst not a full scan, looks damn creepy.