New Dark Knight Set Report & Photos

The New York Times has posted a fascinating report from the set of “The Dark Knight,” the upcoming sequel to “Batman Begins” and one of the biggest releases of the year.

Some new revealing facts are revealed. First up, the $180 million project doesn’t employ a second-unit meaning that if it’s on camera then Director Chris Nolan shot it himself.

There’s definite thematic overtures of escalation as previously stated, Nolan saying that “As we looked through the comics, there was this fascinating idea that Batman’s presence in Gotham actually attracts criminals to Gotham, attracts lunacy. When you’re dealing with questionable notions like people taking the law into their own hands, you have to really ask, where does that lead? That’s what makes the character so dark, because he expresses a vengeful desire.”

Most revealing is a completely different look this time around from ‘Begins’ with Gotham City far more of a modern metropolis with sleek towers, shiny surfaces, bright lighting. Nolan’s production designer Nathan Crowley says “I’ve tried to unclutter the Gotham we created on the last film. Gotham is in chaos. We keep blowing up stuff. So we can keep our images clean.”

Best of all are four new images which can be viewed by clicking here.