New “Daredevil,” “Jessica,” “Luke” Details

More details about Marvel’s various Netflix shows have come out in the days following the streaming service’s Television Critics Association presentation earlier this week. Here’s a breakdown:

First season show runner Steven De Knight says that despite the inclusion of The Punisher (Jon Bernthal) in the second season, don’t expect it to ramp up the violence to be more akin to the last film about the character (2008’s “Punisher: War Zone”). De Knight says:

“The first season of ‘Daredevil’ was violent, but I always say it was more implied. It wasn’t nearly as violent as ‘The Walking Dead,’ a show that I love. On that, if somebody were to crush somebody’s head in a car door, you would’ve seen the head crush on screen, but we didn’t want to go quite that far. We wanted to keep it right around PG-16 and not go all the way to the R. I have no idea if they’re planning to push it that far next season, but I would be surprised”

One thing De Knight has confirmed is that Rosario Dawson’s Claire Temple character was originally set to be the Night Nurse Linda Carter, but the feature side of Marvel apparently has plans for her so they just used another name. [Source: Slashfilm]

Luke Cage
Heroic Hollywood has posted a report indicating that Cornell Cottonmouth, a drug lord villain with razor-sharp teeth from the early Power Man comics, will make an appearance in the upcoming series although in what context is unknown.

Jessica Jones
Show runner Melissa Rosenberg says the series is modelled on Brian Michael Bendis’ “Alias” series version of Jessica Jones and the show will go beyond that: “He created this incredibly flawed, damaged interesting character. Regardless of gender, it was the character that drew me. He wasn’t afraid to go there and we went even further. We’ve gone further in all of our storytelling.”

Asked to compare it to “Daredevil” she says: “We exist in a cinematic universe, the mythology of the universe is connected, but it will look very different. Tonally they’re very different… That was my one concern. Would I have to fit in with Daredevil? The answer was, ‘No, we’re hiring you for your point of view’.”

She does confirm that we will get to see her as a full-on superhero complete with costumes, but only briefly. Also the Claire Temple character from “Daredevil” will be a part of the series with Rosenberg saying: “I think I’m allowed to say: Rosario Dawson will be dropping in. Smaller characters that populated that world will be popping in.” [Source: ET Online]

Finally today Marvel have posted the show’s logo on Twitter which you can see below: