New Coke To Return For “Stranger Things” S3

New Coke To Return For Stranger Things S3

Coca-Cola is set to bring its ill-fated and short-lived New Coke recipe back to the market for a brief time, over thirty years after its launch which remains one of marketing’s most famous failures.

The product’s return, in the form of a half million cans, is part of a partnership with Netflix and the cult-favourite series “Stranger Things” which sees its third season, set in 1985, weaving New Coke into select episodes.

Netflix approached the beverage giant about taking part in a promotion that will boost the return of the series as well as the company’s brand, and they agreed. The deal marks a very rare occasion in which a streaming service is working with an advertiser within the content on a show at a time when ad-free streaming viewing is on the rise.

The company will also launch an ad in movie theaters, a remake of an actual 1985 ad for New Coke directed by the Duffers themselves, which you can see below.