New Captain America, Lisbeth Salander Photos

“Spider-Man” isn’t the only superhero getting a costume reveal today. We’ve seen sketches of it and glimpses of part of it, today though the first frontal photo of Chris Evans in full “Captain America” garb (complete with helmet and shield) has emerged online via Entertainment Weekly.

The verdict? Mixed. The straps and belt look surprisingly good and the outfit seems quite practical. It’s The ‘Captain’ touches though that seem silly – I can buy the painted on wings (not so much the ‘A’), the chest star isn’t bad but would’ve been better had it been pale grey. The shield though simply looks goofy no matter what way you paint it, and the blue is far too bright.

Could the issue be simply the color scheme? Check out this mockup I did with the version above on the left, and a more subdued and slightly different color palette on the right.

Meanwhile W. Magazine have continued their coverage of David Fincher’s “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” by posting up a slideshow with five new photos of Rooney Mara dressed in full garb as bisexual computer hacker Lisbeth Salander.

The look is surprising, quite different and even more severe that Noomi Rapace’s version of the character in the Swedish movies. Too severe to a point, borderline charicature in some ways – the bleached eyebrows especially seem a step too far.

Nevertheless actress Rooney Mara is practically unrecognisable from the sweet faced young girl in the opening sequence of “The Social Network”. Click the shots below to access the full gallery: