New “Call of Duty” Loses Its Mojo

It was expected, but the backlash against “Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare” that began with the title’s first trailers seems to have had an inevitable impact on sales. Some of the first sell through figures for the game are out in overseas territories with reports of sharp drops compared to last year’s title “Call of Duty: Black Ops 3”.

In the UK, launch sales for COD:IW were down by a grand total of 48.5% compared to last year. When comparing only current gen platforms, the decline is still a steep 43.6%. In Japan, the PS4 version of COD:IW is down 31% compared to the PS4 version of COD:BO3.

While some of the loss is understandable as Infinite Warfare is the first entry in a new sub-brand of the series, it’s still a sharp drop. Despite the falls, the game is still one of the biggest launches of the year (second in the UK only to “FIFA 17”) and is expected to outsell both “Battlefield 1” and “Titanfall 2” combined in those territories.

Sales drops aren’t the only headaches for the game though. On launch weekend, it only generated a peak player count of 15,280 people on Steam. “Black Ops III” last year hit more than 63,680 simultaneous players. Livestream viewer counts on Twitch are also half that of last year.

The game is also reportedly having frame rate issues on the Xbox One, but Infinity Ward has announced that they’re already working on a fix right now. Reviews for the game on Metacritic are hovering in the mid 70/100 score range – tying it with the worst received title in the series to date which is “Call of Duty: Ghosts”.

Sources: Eurogamer, MCVUK