New Bond Villain & Nudity Talk

James Bond’s now infamous walk out of the surf in blue speedos in “Casino Royale” has already gone down in pop culture history – thanks mostly to the first on-set photos which splashed across hundreds of magazines and websites, to the marketing trailers which emphasized it to bring a wider audience into the theatre.

For all its quality filmmaking, its Daniel Craig’s bulging muscles filling those little Italian La Perla shorts can definitely be cited as one of the film’s strong selling points for getting them in. One person however isn’t comfortable in repeating that idea – Daniel Craig himself.

According to a report on WENN via MI6, Craig has told film bosses to cover him up so that the focus is more on his acting talent, rather than his appearance. A source says “Daniel was a little uncomfortable at the amount of nudity he had to do. He appreciated that a lot of it was to win over the female fans but it’s not something he wants to make a habit of, no matter how good he looks in his trunks”.

In other “Bond 22” related news, former running candidate for the role Goran Visnjic – who reportedly just quit TV’s “ER” this week, has late 2007/early 2008 booked for a massive project. That project? Bond potentially.

According to a Croatian newspaper via MI6, it seems that when auditioning for Bond in Casino Royale, he impressed the EON people so much (he was turned down then for being too young apparently) that he’s won the role of Vesper Lynd’s French-Algerian former love interest mentioned in ‘Royale’. It also claims that his role will be “sizable, menacing and significant to the plot”.