New “Batman” Rumors Galore

Two rumors related to the future of the “Batman” franchise emerged today, one a mere bit of logical speculation while the other an outright falsehood.

First up, AICN reported that “Batman Begins” and “The Dark Knight” Director Christopher Nolan could very well shoot his next Batman film entirely in IMAX after the success of the IMAX-filmed segments of “The Dark Knight”.

During ‘Knight’ promotion, Nolan stated how much he really enjoyed working in the format and would love to have done more with it on ‘Knight’. However technical limitations with the equipment (namely size, weight, noise, availability, maintenance issues, etc.) meant he could only do certain segments with it.

The site however comes up with an interesting theory – the reason Nolan jumped onto doing next Summer’s sci-fi drama “Inception” rather than a ‘Knight’ follow-up was not only to take a short reprieve (ala shooting “The Prestige” between ‘Begins’ and ‘Knight’), but to allow time to create a few new IMAX cameras made to his specs – ones that would likely allow more freedom and speed on his part while still yielding the same quality.

AICN nevertheless specifically says right now this is rumor only for now. While it does sound reasonably plausible, is it true? I think many would like it to be (including the filmmakers) but I’d be sceptical.

The other rumor today however is pure BS from, surprise surprise, the British tabloids. The Sun reports that “Transformers” babe Megan Fox has signed up to play Catwoman in the next film which would hit in 2011.

At present no script even exists let alone is the film anywhere near casting so dismiss this entirely for now.