New “Aquaman” Poster & Story Details

New Aquaman Poster Story Details

Warner Bros. Pictures has released the first teaser poster for its upcoming “Aquaman” movie. The one-sheet comes following several photos from the film and ahead of its first trailer which will be released at this year’s Comic-Con.

Several set visit reports for the film have also gone online with quotes from the key people involved. First up, the film’s star Jason Momoa tells Collider his approach to the character isn’t to make him either God-like ala Superman or abrasive like Batman, rather he’s a blue-collar joe:

“I think-I definitely want him to be-y’know you can’t sit down and have a beer with Superman, you know what I mean? You can’t. There’s things you can do with Batman that you can’t do with -I wanted Aquaman definitely to be that guy that – he’s blue collar. I mean the whole thing about him, I wanted him blue collar, he’s raised with his dad, worked on bikes, worked on old cars with his father and at a certain age he’s given this gift. He doesn’t know how to deal with it.”

Asked to draw a comparison to another franchise, Momoa says it recalls “Star Wars” in many ways:

“It’s like ‘Star Wars,’ it’s just a world we haven’t seen before. And, I think the bickering between the two of them [Aquaman and Mera] and also when they slowly start to enjoy each other and fall in love, I think it’s just a timeless story that’s just fun.

And, I love the fact that we haven’t been underwater and…when the shit hits the fan it’s gonna be like ‘Star Wars’ underwater-it’s cool! I’m a huge f–kin’ ‘Star Wars’ fan and I’ll never be anything remotely as good as Indiana Jones, but we can sure as f–k try! [laughs] I mean, like, I’ll never ever, ever beat him, but if we’re modelling after that, then, great, I’ll do my best. It’s something good to strive for.”

Expect the trailer online this Saturday. “Aquaman” is currently slated for a December release.