New “Apes” TV Spot & Clip As Critics Rave

20th Century Fox has released both a new Father’s Day-themed TV spot and a new clip of Caesar having a meeting with Woody Harrelson’s antagonist character in Matt Reeves’ upcoming “War of the Planet of the Apes” film which opens next month.

The studio is VERY confident in the film, so much so that along with some early public screenings they’re conducting a full month out from release, they’ve also screened the movie for some press and are happy to let them tweet about it.

The reaction has been superb, but what’s doubly interesting is that the people they’ve shown aren’t necessarily some of the more obvious movie blog junket press names, rather they’ve hand picked some select editors like Kris Tapley, Jeff Wells, Nigel Smith & Grae Drake, etc. who are notably tougher and more balanced in their reviews and hold blockbusters up to much more rigorous standards.

That makes their glowing reviews even more exciting. Here’s a sample:

“The most amazing thing about War/Apes is how enamored Reeves is with faces. So much of the film is in close-up. You fall into the eyes. You’d expect a movie like this to stay wide. Particularly shooting w/ Alexa 65. But that density of image is why Reeves loved the close-ups. I’m still buzzing about it. This is not a typical tent pole film by any stretch. The emotional tension throughout is like a high wire.” – Kris Tapley, Variety

“I just had the pleasure of seeing #WarForThePlanet of the Apes. Jesus, you guys. Start hydrating now, you’re going to need it. Wow. If you thought you had no more feels left after @WolverineMovie, you are mistaken. I’m dumbstruck by what they continue to accomplish.” – Grae Drake, Rotten Tomatoes

“It’s OFFICIAL! #WarForThePlanetOfTheApes is AMAZING! Deep, dark, EPIC! RISE + DAWN + WAR = one of the BEST MOVIE TRILOGIES EVER! #HailCaesar. Gripping, intense, powerful, moving, MAGNIFICENT.” – Scott Mantz, Access Hollywood

“Matt Reeves’ “War for the Planet of the Apes” returns to the tense scheme of imprisonment and impending escape that made “Rise” so wowser. Second half is “Escape From Alcatraz” + “The Great Escape” w/ Andy Serkis’ Caesar playing a fusion of Steve McQueen & Richard Attenborough. With “War,” Reeves is delivering on an emotional & mise-en-scene level that is way, WAY above Marvel/D.C. bulls–t. Masterful filmmaking. Either you get it or you don’t — “War” is about character & emotion, almost a silent film, an apes movie directed by Sergei Eisenstein. “War” is a world-class filmmaking top to bottom. Equal to “Rise” and — it has to be said — better than “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. When a really well-made, emotionally alive film comes along, we’re all reminded that’s it’s the singer, not the song. Quality brushstrokes. – Jeffrey Wells, Hollywood Elsewhere

“#WarOfThePlanetOfTheApes is the bleakest summer blockbuster I can recall. Suicide, torture, whipping, crying monkeys. It’s unrelenting. Saw #WarOfThePlanetOfTheApes – that upcoming Batman movie is gonna look AMAZING.” – Nigel M. Smith, The Wrap