New Apes Remaking Conquest?

CHUD reports that 20th Century Fox is considering a new version of “Planet of the Apes”.

Not a sequel to the Burton film, nor another ‘reboot’ of the classic original, this is essentially a remake of the fourth film in the classic series – “Conquest of the Planet of the Apes.”

That film was set in a dystopian future where apes had been domesticated and told the story of Caesar, the first ape with speech who started the events that led to a world where monkeys were on top and humans were dumb beasts.

The new script entitled “Genesis: Apes” by Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver is set in a more contemporary present day society and has Caesar being created by a genetic scientist who ends up taking it home and raising him as the son he and his wife were unable to conceive.

After killing a human in an attack and being put on trial, things turn like ‘Conquest’ with Caesar leading a campaign to unite the apes and violently overthrow humanity.

For further details on the script, click here.