New “Amityville” Box-Office Is Legendarily Terrible

The Weinstein Company released its first film since the Harvey Weinstein scandal this weekend – and it did not go well.

The frequently delayed “Amityville: The Awakening,” announced in 2011, shot in early 2015 and finally released on Saturday, was pushed out by Weinstein’s Dimension Films label on to just ten screens. The Blumhouse Productions title stars Jennifer Jason Leigh, Cameron Monaghan and Bella Thorne and was already released for free on Google Play from October 12th, so the new film wasn’t expected to do much business domestically.

And boy did it match those expectations. The film came in 59th at the weekend box-office, raking in a total of $742 which means its per screen average sits at just $74 – one of the lowest PSAs for a new film ever recorded. To put that in comparison most films in the top ten had a per screen average (PSA) of $1,200-1,800, “Jigsaw” opened to a $5,525 PSA, and the weekend’s top PSA was “The Square” which opened on two screens with and nabbed $38,000 from each.

Despite its failure, it potentially isn’t the biggest bomb of the weekend thanks to its low cost and a $7.2 million overseas haul. Instead that honor goes to the blind Blake Lively thriller “All I See is You” which somehow cost a reported $30 million to make according to BOM and opened in 28th place with just $135,504 and a PSA of only $479.

Source: Box-Office Mojo