New “Alien” Gets “Skyfall” Scribe, Scott Love

With Ridley Scott opting to no longer avoid the “Alien” comparisons with his upcoming “Prometheus” sequel currently entitled “Alien: Paradise Lost,” the filmmaker has revealed his desire to head back into the universe which he created. He also hopes to fix the big problem everyone had with the first film – the script.

To that effect, Scott has turned to Oscar nominated “Gladiator” and “Skyfall” scribe and “Penny Dreadful” creator John Logan to work on the screenplay. Scott and Logan will revise and polish the current script ahead of the film’s shoot in February.

Scott also admits to IGN that he now feels ownership of this universe, which is why he probably help shelve Neill Blomkamp’s “Aliens” sequel:

I’m trying to keep this for myself. I let the other one [‘Alien’] get away from me – I shouldn’t have… I’m trying to re-resurrect the beast and let if off the hook for a while because I’m coming back into the back-end of ‘Alien 1.’ I’m gradually getting to ‘Alien 1’.”

In related news, “Prometheus” co-scribe Damon Lindelof recently spoke about how he removed the “Alien” elements out of Jon Spaihts’ original script for the 2012 film which was called “Alien Zero” at the time.

Lindelof revealed to THR that his work essentially caused the project to steer away from being a direct prequel to “Alien” :

“I’m going to take those ideas, and I’m going to say that’s what the movie is, and we don’t even get to anything, any familiar ‘Alien’ language, until the end of this movie and if there was a sequel to ‘Prometheus,’ it would not be ‘Alien’ – it would go off in its own direction. And therefore it would be exciting to watch because we’re not just connecting dots.”

Click Here for the full interview which goes into greater detail.