New Adaptation Of Belyaev’s “Amphibian Man”

Bavaria Film Partners, Trikita Entertainment and Lumiq Studios are teaming for an $8 million English-language film adaptation of Alexander Belyaev’s 1928 sci-fi novel “Amphibian Man” reports Screen Daily.

Using the latest underwater filming technology, the story will tell of a child who whose maverick scientist father performs a life-saving transplant on him – a set of shark gills.

The experiment is a success but it limits the young man’s ability to interact with the world outside his ocean environment.

“Mongol” filmmaker Sergei Bodrov is penning the project which will be shot in Germany, Italy and Malta. However no cast or director is yet set.

Vladimir Chebotaryov and Gennadi Kazansky helmed a previous adaptation in 1962.