Neve Campbell Open To A Fifth “Scream”

Actress Neve Campbell, who has been scoring good notices for her work in the just launched fourth season of Netflix’s “House of Cards,” has revealed that she’s open to the idea of reprising her “Scream” role of Sidney Prescott for a fifth time around.

There’s one condition, it will depend upon whom the studio brings aboard as a director following in the wake of Wes Craven, who helmed the four previous films, passing away in August. She tells EW:

“Wes was so responsible for the success of it and the brilliance of it, and he was a dear, dear friend and a mentor, and I just don’t know how I would feel at the moment if it came around again. It would have to be something really special and really different. They’d have to be really convincing about who they decided to bring on as director, and I’d still have to do a bit of soul-searching on that one.”

The previous four films grossed $604 million worldwide with the most recent being released in 2013. Craven himself, along with several others, spoke about a fifth film in for several years with the last comments on it being in development happening back in mid-2014.