Neufeld On The New Jack Ryan Film

Out doing promotions for “Invictus”, producer Mace Neufeld got asked about Paramount’s upcoming second attempt at a ‘reboot’ of the Jack Ryan film franchise.

Neufeld confirmed the already long known fact that the film will use Hossein Amini’s original screenplay and not be based on a Tom Clancy work.

While it will use the model of a younger actor in the role (Chris Pine) like 2002’s “The Sum of All Fears”, Neufeld is adamant that it won’t ditch the deductive scenes in favour of dumbed-down action.

“We pick him up when he’s on Wall Street …[but] the Jack Ryan movies have never been action films. They’re kind of ‘thinking man’s thrillers.’ Jack is referred to as a ‘water-walker’ because of his ability to jump ahead to conclusions. That’s very big in all the Jack Ryan films and that’s how we want to portray him. He’s a teacher. He’s a historian. He’s a linguist, and he’s really smart” said Neufeld according to Coming Soon.

He also confirmed that Amini’s script is about to undergo a re-write by Adam Cozad.