Netflix’s “Trollhunters” Renewed For Season 2

DreamWorks Animation and Netflix have officially confirmed that Guillermo Del Toro’s “Trollhunters” series has been renewed for a thirteen episode second season to debut later this year.

The second season finds Jim (Anton Yelchin) venturing deeper into the Troll world to battle the vicious leader of the Darklands, while his team works to maintain order in the human world.

Creator/executive producer del Toro has confirmed that the late Yelchin had already wrapped almost all his voice work on the second season before his passing. He also explains to EW how they’ll handle things if the series goes forward beyond this second season:

“We’re not only going to second season, but we’re going to be able to preserve a really large part of it with Anton’s voice. We have an event in the last episode Anton did which allows us to sort of change his voice slightly, so the character stays – but we didn’t plan this. It was pure serendipity that we had that in the works. The beats of the second season have been set for years, and as of now, we have not altered or needed to alter a single beat.”

del Toro confirmed today that he has a total 52 episodes mapped out for “Trollhunters” with half of those, 26, now delivered This would indicate the streaming giant will likely take the show through to a fourth season – but it has not confirmed anything beyond the second at this point. Check out the teaser art for the new season below: