Netflix’s “She-Ra” & YouTube’s “Origin” Promos

Netflixs She Ra Youtubes Origin Promos

A couple of new TV promos have been released today, starting with the full trailer for the “She-Ra” reboot from Netflix and Dreamworks.

The story follows a young Adora as an orphan, raised by Hordak’s evil Horde after losing her family, leading her to believe that the princess heroes of the Rebellion are actually the bad guys.

Adora must learn the truth of her own legacy before she becomes the legendary hero She-Ra, fighting for love and justice for the Rebellion. The series premieres on the streamer on November 16th.

Also today, the YouTube Premium series “Origin” has unleashed a new full trailer. The story follows a group of people with diverse backgrounds deciding to leave Earth to start fresh on another planet.

When they’re mysteriously awakened from stasis before the long journey is complete, they realise most everyone is gone. And something is killing people. Tom Felton and Natalia Tena star in the Paul W.S. Anderson-helmed series which premieres on YouTube Premium on November 14th.