Netflix’s Orson Welles Film To Go Theatrical

Netflix is set to bring its much talked about restoration of Orson Welles’ final uncompleted film “The Other Side of the Wind” to cinemas.

Oscar winner John Huston stars as Jake Hannaford, an ageing Hollywood director modelled on Ernest Hemingway. The story uses Hannaford’s 70th birthday party and conversations there as the central framing device for a non-linear narrative exploring his life. Most of the film was shot in Peter Bogdanovich’s own Beverly Hills house.

More than 1,000 reels of film negatives languished in a Paris vault until March 2017, when the streaming service acquired the footage, entrusted it to a team of editors led by the original film’s production manager and now super producer Frank Marshall, and footed the completion and restoration costs.

IndieWire today reports the film will have numerous cinema showings, but details for the rollout are still being planned. As part of its deal, a 35mm print of the finished film is being made by Netflix who owns global rights to the film. In the past, it has given limited theatrical releases to some of their original films such as “Okja,” “Mudbound” and “The Breadwinner” last year.