Netflix’s ‘Foiler’ Blocks Spoiler Tweets

Someone is finally trying to fix one of Twitter’s major drawbacks – spoilers. Specifically spoilers for TV series.

The social media service Twitter often becomes a no-go zone for some during the live broadcast of certain popular series due to people dropping spoilers left and right about events in the episode.

This makes it difficult for those with other commitments who can’t watch the live broadcasts and watch later via DVR or VOD services. It’s especially a problem for overseas fans of U.S. television shows which air weeks, sometimes months after the fact.

It’s gotten to the point that this problem is said to partly be driving the international piracy of shows, wherever a series airs first – people simply won’t stop tweeting spoilers and ruining it for others.

It can often be just as bad when they’re trying to be vague – the phrase “something major” happens has essentially become synonymous with the death of a key character.

Streaming service Netflix is now trying to tackle the problem with a site they call Spoiler Foiler. The first test of this service takes place this weekend, with the series finale of “Breaking Bad”.

Fans of the show will be able to see a normal version of their Twitter timeline, the big change being tweets that could contain spoilers are blacked out with a spoiler warning. You have the option to click on the tweet to view it if you dare.

The service is also quite aggressive in its censorship though, any tweet with ‘breaking’ or ‘bad’ for example is getting blocked.

It also raises the bigger question – will Twitter itself, or some other service, be developed to do this on a regular occurrence in regards to major films and TV episodes?

Source: Variety